Seems italics is suddenly the default font face.

All stories are in italics when reading feeds.


www or dev? That … shouldn’t be the case.

I was using www, but dev shows the same thing. I looked at settings, and the lucinda font shown was in italics.

In dev, when I look at a feed, the headline is normal but the story is in italics. When I click next unread, the post getting marked as read has the head line change to italics as well.

This happened to me a few weeks back on my work pc. I think the font had become corrupted, as lucinda was in italics everywhere – not just on newsblur but in Word, for example. I think a reboot fixed the issue, but don’t recall the specifics.

Apparently this problem occurs on Windows machines if you previously had Adobe CS4 installed (it has an Italic version of the font by default.)…

I solved it by closing Chrome and deleting all of the “Lucida Sans” fonts from my system.