Searching Across "All Site Stories" and "Saved Stories"

Search looks at either, but not both. If I search for a term “inflation”, the search misses stories that I’ve saved, I have to look at the “Saved” folder specifically.

This isn’t intuitive, as one expects that “All Site Stories” would contain site stories.

Thank you for implementing the Search feature!

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Kind of wish this was filed under “Idea” instead of “Problem”, since this is definitely not a bug. For now it’s restricted to the view. You can search in a folder and switch to only the saved stories in that folder by switching the control at the bottom of the web app. But merged them means you won’t know what came from where.

Yes, I thought about filing it under idea. The “problem” is that the user wouldn’t expect a search in “all” not to return “all”, so it’s very confusing until you understand how it works.