Search bar snapping back into view after recent update


Since the update released recently (10/2018), the search bar “snaps” back into view after refreshing my list count on iOS which is where I do all my reading. It initially hides away and I’m thinking “yay!”, but then snaps back into view.
Is there a way to have the search bar hidden unless pulled down or hidden altogether (I do not use the search function)? I’m trying to save real-estate on the screen and it’s just one of those annoyances.



I think this happened while trying to fix another issue I reported… hopefully it won’t be too hard to fix!


Since the last update, when on my ipad, search is shown at the top of the list everywhere. If I scroll it goes away, but it didn’t used to appear unless I swiped down. Which I think is similar to what you describe. Doesn’t really bother me, except that I rarely search, so screen real estate is being wasted.

Another problem that started since the last update is that if i follow a link on a story into Chrome and then come back to Newsblur, it refreshes my feed list and the story I followed the link from is gone. (It is not really gone, just marked as read and no longer showing. If i change view or go to the “read” section, it will be there). There used to be a time window where if I followed a link and didn’t spend too much time at the site, when I came back to newsblur, my view didn’t refresh. I’d like that back if possible.


Just wanted to bump this to see if anyone has a fix?


It’s a high priority and should be fixed soon.


Wonderful! Thanks for the update!