Scripting News title-less items do not show links in body text

Scripting News has a new RSS 2.0 compliant feed format. Some items do not have titles, e.g.…

Here’s an image of that item

Notice the word example is a hyperlink.

NewsBlur correctly displays a truncated start of the item text as the title in the various views, but it does not have the hyperlink on the word example in the body text.

It would be great if all the links in the body could be seen in NewsBlur.

NB NewsBlur is a great service. Thanks!


NB it works fine in Text view.

It also seems to work OK on some articles (e.g. 1, 2) and not on others (3 and same as above).

Hmm, I’m going to need to catch this while it’s still in the RSS feed. I wonder if he added the link (since he changed the text) after it fell out of the rss feed. No reason for the link to be dropped.