SAX Exception(553), Feeds marked red

Many of the feeds were marked as Site Misbehaving with a Red Exclamation mark, asking to fix the site. We had to fix each and every site manually. We were not aware why was this issue occured, but it had a serious impact on our clients production. Can you please let us know the reason. There was an showing in the site settings like " SAX Exception(553)…


Are they all Google Alerts feeds?

The one I’m seeing it on is the Google News feed at… but if you open that address in your browser it appears to be a normal feed (at least as far as I can identify a normal RSS feed)

nope, they all are google news feeds

Yeah, Google News has rate-limited NewsBlur because we’ve been hitting the feeds too often. I turned them off in hopes of getting the feeds turned back on, but that may not happen. I’m working on a fix, but it’s going to take a bit.

Any update on the fix… are you going to turn on the feeds from Google News. Our clients are on our back expecting an update as it is a critical issue which has serious impact on our production.

seems to be coming back now, starting earlier today. Was a change made?