Saved stories with no feed title won't appear on android app

Well, the first question that I actually have is why some saved stories have no title (by title I mean the feed’s name). It only happens with stories that were imported from google reader, and it is not consistent with feeds, i. e., it happens with feeds I don’t have anymore (I could understand that the title is not displayed) but also with feeds I follow now.

Anyway, that is not a problem per se, the problem arises when I try to read those stories on my phone, I guess that stories without a title are not retrieved from the saved stories list.

Is there a way to manually write the feed’s name into the story? Or, is there a way to see those items in the android’s app.

OS: Win7; Browser: Chrome; Phone: HTC Desire C (Android 4.0.3)


Hmm, I have never encountered such a story before, so I can certainly imagine it might not work right. Let me try to do some import magic and get my hands on one to test . . .

I encountered the same issue.