Saved Stories truncated

On the web application my saved stories are not showing the full story - just a truncated version (see screenshot).

I’ve tried in a couple of different browsers and it’s always the same.

Any ideas?


I have this problem also. On Firefox, if you have Stylish installed, you can fix it with a userstyle by adding:
.NB-feed-story .NB-feed-story-content {
height:auto !important;

After a bit more experimenting and I can confirm that this is a problem with ‘split view’.

‘Full view’ and ‘list view’ are fine.

Interestingly, if I change between the other views and ‘split view’ I get more display corruption when viewing any story. As Sean suggests it’s probably just some CSS issue but beyond me to work out what. I get the same issues in latest Firefox and Chrome.

I just fixed this for all browsers, so I’m wondering why it’s still happening. I also can’t reproduce it, even in FF.

Thanks for the reply Samuel.

Just tried with a clean Chrome profile and no add-ons and I still get the same. Very strange.

I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the new tagging of saved stories? In the broken split view the tag box for saved stories doesn’t show up (see original screenshot). To activate it I have to click ‘Saved’ so the story becomes ‘removed’ and then reclick to reveal the tag box. Also the ‘Share this story’ button below the ‘Saved’ button doesn’t work in split view.

No big problem as I’m happy to use list view for now.

I’m seeing it in Chrome as well (both Mac and Windows, latest versions) and the timing does seem to coincide with the tagging of saved stories appearing in the sidebar. Just to confirm that it’s not Chrome-specific, I checked in Safari on the Mac and it looks the same there.

In the Feed view, the three buttons for Train, Share, and “Saved” hover over the truncated content (buttons are left-justified). I’m using “Text” view for the moment, which doesn’t have the layout issue.

Hope that helps.

I am having the same bug in chrome and it appears the same using safari for mac. It only happens in split view.