Saved Stories Sorting

When the “saved stories” button/bar (on the sidebar) is clicked, it would be great if the sidebar would change to make it easier to find the stories I have saved. A good way to do this may be to have the sidebar group/show the saved stories in terms of their source feed (exactly the way “site stories” are shown, but only showing the stories from that feed that I have saved).

An alternative would be: Have the ability to “tag” saved stories, so that I can browse my saves by tag.


How about search for saved stories? Would that be work well enough? I’m planning to implement a search bar for saved and shared stories later this month.


Search for saved/shared stories would certainly work well enough.

Thank you for continuing to make NewsBlur the most awesome!

Search is not enough for me, I want sorting and priorizing :stuck_out_tongue:

No need wacky and complex features, just add them to normal feeds and folders list with some highlight mark, and a “saved stores” near all and unread buttons.

No need at all to duplicate or make complex stuff, just use what you already have ans simplify it.

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I agree. Searching doesn’t really work for me the way I would like to read my stories. Often, I save stories because I might want to read them later and I may not even remember what I have saved to go ands search for it but if I am browsing articles from a particular site that I have saved, I can quickly and easily decide if it’s something I want to read right now or something that I may have saved on a whim. Being able to sort my saved stories into their source would be perfect.