Saved Stories only go back so far

I used to be able to view my Saved Stories from a few days ago to a few months ago. Now I’m only able to view Saved Stories from a day ago.
Did something change or am I missing something?
Thanks for your help.


Nothing should have changed. You should definitely be able to scroll waaaaay back for saved stories. What’s your username? I’d be happy to take a look.

Thanks, Samuel! username is bburkhart31

Please check my user also: afita. I experience the same issue.

I have this one too (rdominick) – even though it counts me up as having 119 saved stories, I can only see ten of them. There is no loading bar or anything on scrolling to the bottom.

Thanks everybody! Fixed in…. Was broken late last week when fixing some other bugs. I fixed it for River of News and for feeds (and for social feeds), but I forgot to also fix starred stories. Doh!

Seems to be functioning properly now.
Thanks Samuel!