Saved stories not sorted at all after implementing tagging

The tagging feature is just simply awesome, but after going thru and adding tags to my saved stories they now show up listed without any sort order at all. :frowning:


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They should be sorted according to the date saved.

OK maybe - I only had about 20 stories saved before you introduced tagging. I tried to go into a saved story in order to add tags to it, but found I couldn’t. I needed to unsave the story and then save it again. So therefore all stories would have a saved date of yesterday, correct? Is there now a way to add tags to currently saved stories? Also it would be nice if the saved stories folder had the ability to sort by newest/oldest the way feeds do.

Again, Thanks so much for the outstanding product,

Yes, you can add tags to currently saved stories. Just add the tag in the Feed view when reading the Saved Stories feed.

Ahhh, OK - I normally read in text view and that option isn’t available there - thanks !!!