Saved stories not displaying

Saved stories are not displaying when opening the main folder - also the count does not sum up correctly.

I have tried various views (unread/all - feed/text) with no difference in result.


So the count shouldn’t sum up, since there are only 16 saved stories that are tagged and 2 that are not. Similarly, stories can be tagged with multiple tags.

As for no stories showing up, can you post a full window screenshot? I need to see what’s happening.

OK, i understand the tags now.

Oddly, it’s working again now… I kept flicking between Full, Split, List & Grid views and now they appear again.

Using a different browser with a cleared cache, history, cookies, everything had the same issue, but is now also displaying correctly.

Thanks for the prompt reply anyway!

You were probably in Full view with Single Story mode turned on (under the Style popover).

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