Saved stories no longer shows folder tree

Logged into the website today, clicked on the “saved stories” view - not the all-in-one feed, but the bottom left icon which is an alternative to all/unread/focus (the interface should really hint at the correct name to call this, via hover text or something).

Normally I’d see a folder tree just like in unread mode, so I can find saved stories for a particular feed. No longer. Now I only see the list of tags.

What changed?

As a workaround, I’m able to navigate to a specific feed using the all or unread view, and then switch to saved view. At least now I can still find saved stories for specific feeds. But it would be nice to be able to browse them by folder again.

If I understand what you are saying, it might be a temporary glitch. I just tried it logged into my browser and I can browse the saved items by feed or by folder. Maybe try logging out, clearing your cookies, and logging back in?

Sorry, I wish it was a temporary browser error, but it’s not. I tested the issue thoroughly in several clean browser environments before I reported it.

Update: it is happening to me in every conceivable browser environment, including Android, but only when logged into my account. When logged into a different account, this is not an issue.

I believe this means that one of my feeds contains a special character that is breaking something.