Saved Stories glitch

Previously I only noticed the problem on the dev webpage but now it is showing up on the main NewsBlur page.

The Saved Stories section is filled with tags (For example News - 18), but if you go to the section it only shows the actual and current saved stories (At the moment - 1).

Is there any way to fix it so the tags reflect the current saved stories and by extension the tags too?

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I’m not sure I follow. Also, is this a bug or a feature request?

Bug, I think is where he is going with this. I’m on www, not dev. This is what I’m seeing right now:

Never seen tags in the Saved like this before. Just added the last two stories I saved like this.

Yes, this is correct. You have 66 saved stories, 2 of them are tagged.

What I’m saying is that I didn’t tag them, they tagged themselves. I hit ‘s’ on my keyboard and then move on, don’t ever tag a one of them.

It is a bug and mine looks like deezil’s panel. Though I only have 1 saved story, the saved stories section is currently saying 28. If I click on any of the tags, they are empty.

I just saved a couple new items and it cleared out the old tags, which is strange because I save items on a regular basis and those tags have been there for months.

Either way, it stopped being a bug on my account.

I assumed tonight that this was new behavior (and much appreciated). I have a few hundred “Saved Stories” to go through… tonight, when I used ‘s’ to save a few more, they appeared under new tag/folder headings below the “Saved Stories”. The tag/folder they appear in matches the tag/folder that the feed containing those items appears in.

I’d prefer to see my saved stories organized that way so I can go through similar/related items together. I was bummed to go back to my several hundred previously-saved items and using ‘s’ to toggle their save-state didn’t put them below into the new tags/folders.

TL;DR - I think this is a much-requested new feature, wherein saved stories are organized by tag/folder.

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