Saved Stories Disappear and Reappear

I find that my saved stories sort of come and go. I’ll save items, and then later when I go to view them, they’re not there. But then they might be there next time I view my saved stories. They come and go without any rhyme or reason. And it’s not just from one site. I might save 5 different stories from two different sites. But when I later view them, only some from each site actually show up. But then another time, they might all be there. As an example, I was just viewing my saved stories, and read through and unsaved all that appeared from the last week. But then I refreshed it about 30 minutes later, and there were about 5 more stories that for some reason weren’t there on the first go-round. But they had been there earlier in the day.

Sorry if this is confusing, but this is a confusing issue to have.

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I’m not sure why this is happening, nor do I have any inkling as to why it happens. Saved stories don’t get moved around in the db. You save it, it’s there. And if you see it, it should be there for the next time. Is it possible you’re saving and unsaving the story multiple times in rapid succession? Are you on the web? How do you save stories?

Hi Samuel

I experience the same issue with saved stories disappearing. Both on the web and in the Blar app I have to go through the saved stories several times before I a chance to read all of my saved stories. My reading procedure is the same as mentioned above with saving the stories during the day for reading in the evening. When I read the stories and unsave all stories I can often reach the last story and still have some unsaved stories. If I click on Saved stories again it will show some more saved stories, but sometimes not all of them depending on how many Saved stories I have.

This is for me more common with the Blar app than on the web, but perhabs this is just because I use Blar more frequently to read my saved stories.

Hope you I find out why is happens.

Regards Bjarke

Please add unsaving to the official Newsblur Android app. Right now I use a combination of Newsblur and Blar. Newsblur for reading headlines and saving. and Blar for reading saved stories.

Thanks for your reply. I am definitely not saving and unsaving in rapid succession. I am primarily using the web (chrome), but I also use the android app. I’ve never noticed this problem with the android app, but it happens on a nearly daily basis on the web. Some days it’s more than half of my recently saved stories.

I just wanted to note that I am still having this same issue, and have not been able to find any kind of rhyme or reason as to why it happens.