'Saved stories' counter displays wrong number of recipes after change in rss feed address

It happened a couple of times before, but I couldn’t put my finger on what was exactly the issue. Now I think I got it.

I noticed that a couple feeds would disappear from the “saved stories per feed” even tough the number of saved stories was greater than 0. My assumption is that the change of the rss address will “break” the counter.

I had a site with close to 2k saved stories (I know, that’s way too much). The rss address broke on the weekend (the site changed it). I updated it and, since then, saved 9 stories. The previous 2k are not listed as part of that site anymore, and after unsaving the 9 stories, the site won’t appear in the “saved stories per feed” screen.

Experienced in Windows (7, 10), in more than one computer.
Cannot reproduce in Android because android app doesn’t have the “saved stories per feed” functionality

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What’s your username? I can have the system recount your saved stories.

Hey, thanks for the fast reply! My username is suckelo.
Will that update the number of saved stories per site? I didn’t write this on my original comment, but the total number of stories is correct (and I could find the “missing” stories if I looked through all the saved stories).
Just FYI!