Saved stories are all messed

I’ve been using NewsBlur and getting used to it. I almost finished reading all GReader starred articles so that I can make a fresh start in NewsBlur.

But its “saved stories” are a mess. There’s only 1 list of them all, from all kinds of feeds and folders (and I just finished organizing my folders, it’s very cool that we can add folders inside folders!!), and I can’t even sort them! Much less priorize them!

I have to go on the offered order list, reading their title to guess where did they come from, and choose if I’ll read it now or leave for later.

I’m scared, because as time goes, I may end up with sort of 100 “saved stories”. How will I be able to pick something from them?! Will I be forced to read top listed ones, so that I don’t see them everytime? And there are some feeds that are blocked at work intranet and I can read only at home, so I simply can’t read them ATM no matter how much NewsBlur insists in keeping them on top of the list!

This scares me, because if I definetely choose NewsBlur and buy a premium subscription and add lots of feeds to it, “saved stories” may really bloat. And I don’t wanna play to spend little time on an organized and powerful list of feeds then spend all the rest of the time on an uncontrolled and messed list of articles that I wanna read most!

Why can’t they just remain on the normal feeds and lists, with a blue flag? If we can have red, yellow and green, why can’t we star articles and make them blue, and just have them lay there?

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I have five priorities post-redesign. Upending saved stories is one of them. They’ll get tags and search. It’ll be great.

The other four: oauth api, offline api, search, and feed organizer (batch editor). And the re-design, which comes before those 5 priorities, includes Android. There, that’s my priority list for the next 6 months.

Cool to hear that :smiley: It will be great to have them together with read and unread posts!

When you bring the new layout, let us stay with current one, some sort of template. The new one scares me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, no way. Everybody gets the new design. No way am I maintaining two separate designs any longer. Should be soon enough. I’m trying to finish the iOS app now and that leaves just the static pages on dev.

I really didn’t like this new feedly-like layout. It is so gray and green, so dead… Everytime I enter dev I get disgusted and leave it. Let’s hope I can live with it.

Anyway, I’ve been adding some feeds and got a rly lot of articles coming. A feed came 200! Intelligence Trainer is really great, in feeds it manages to get articles categories - and in sites with well organized categories - I can mark ones I want and they are greeny highlighted, while those categories I hate just vanish!

And also, I’ve been noticing that I won’t read articles in feeds and folders panel at all. I must move quick and clear them. Articles I wanna need I just save for later. And that’s the problem, again. When I go to saved ones to read them calmly… well I already said what happens.


Hey, I just found a new feature!! The Show Hidden Stories in top right!

That’s pretty fun! If you could add a Show Saved Stories there and bring them back even after they had been marked as read, or even hide everything else and show only blue saved ones!!

That would be really great. And v ery reusable! Using the same UI to show different categories of stories based on a small filter!!

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