Saved items missing

I saved a few NSFW items while at work today and came home to find that they are not in my saved stories. If I open up the Activities, it shows that I saved them. I was using Chrome Portable from a locked down Win7 box at work and noticed them missing when I got home.


It happened again last night.

OK, now one just disappeared while I’m at work.

Hmm, what browser/platform are you on? IE or Chrome? And you’re getting the “Saved!” confirmation notification?

I’m using a Win7 box at work and Chrome Portable. I don’t remember if I got the Saved! confirmation, but I did note that the saved stories count incremented. It only seems to be happening with one feed. Incidentally, the backing site for that feed is blocked at work so I am saving the items to read at home.

I have been having this problem as well. Saved stories disappearing with no apparent explanation. I use Firefox on Win7.


Yikes, this is a top priority bug. I just need to figure out a pattern, as I’m not getting any error logs and am able to save stories just fine. So this only happens in 1 feed? Can you email me the NewsBlur URL when you open that feed?

Just sent an email with the URL. Thanks for the attention.

See also…

I’m also missing the one story I have saved. I saved it last night on my Android. On the Android, the menu shows one saved story, but fails to load it when I go to the Saved Stories list.

On my Mac, using Chrome, the Saved Stories folder is missing. If I go to the activity history, it shows that I saved the story. Clicking it opens the Saved Stories list, but it is empty.

I haven’t seen any update on this problem since last week and it is definitely still occurring. In addition to the URL I sent Samuel last week, I’ve also seen one lost saved item from….

I have also been losing saved items. At first I thought I was crazy, but then I started taking screenshots. I saved 2 items on my iPhone this morning, immediately checked the saved items on my phone - they were both there. I get to work this morning and only 1 of those items is saved. Then I re-check my phone and sure enough 1 of them is gone.

Aside from this I love the service and was about to start paying for a premium membership. But not if I lose saved items.

Yep, I’m losing saved items too. I save 4-5 items for reading at home, and by the end of the day 1-2 have been lost. A story I saved just this morning is already gone. I’m using Chrome on Windows 7.

Same here : all the saved items from today are gone

Is this one specific feed? When you say all of them are gone, how long did it take for them to vanish? Did you notice immediately?

Mine was a Lifehacker story. Saved about 7am and it had disappeared by 8am.

I’ve had it happen to a couple different feeds. Penny Arcade and Lamebook.

XKCD too. After I save an item I note the new number of saved items so that when it goes down later without my help I can check the Activies and re-save it.

Can you confirm that the story was in Saved Stories and then disappeared? Or are you going only by the number?

I know I get the Saved notification and the number increments, but I don’t check the list every time. I will until we get this resolved.