Saved count is 25 but nothing in the view

I think the saved count is no longer synced with the number of items in my account.

25 items in saved, but nothing to view when clicked

The saved view has had issues for some time, either only giving me some of my saved items or having an incorrect count.

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Having this problem as well. My saved count is stuck @ 30 but I’m always saving and then clearing stuff out.

Tried clearing out cookies and erasing browser history but that’s not working.

Should note that the problem is also appearing on the mobile app.

The count is important because it helps me keep track of how much material I have saved.

This glitch just started a couple of days ago. Otherwise Newsblur is my FAVORITE internet service and a valuable tool. THANK YOU!!!

Having this same problem myself. Count is sitting at 28. Last night I cleared my saved down to 0 (or so I thought) but only about half the ones actually cleared on the count.

I’m also having this issue, newsblur says I have 1 item saved but my saved article list is empty.

Having the same problem and my count varies between 1 and 2 saved items although the list is empty

Still dealing with this issue. Has there been a fix, a workaround, anything???

Ah-ha, I changed how saved items are counted last week, which should explain this bug. Looks like somewhere along the line counts aren’t being recounted properly. Can somebody post a screenshot of exactly which count is off? Is it a tag or the total? And is it only when you hit 0? I want to fix any bugs around counting, but I can’t go back to the old way of re-counting every time you save/unsaved a story, since it was tying up the database.

Uhh, just to clarify, that “can’t go back” refers to counting every story. I now increment a cached counter up and down as you save and unsave. Somewhere that counter isn’t being correctly set, so I want to find that spot.

It’s the count on the ‘Saved Stories’ top marker, the total. It keeps resetting back to the same number every time you do a hard refresh on the page, whether the saved stories has any or none in the queue.

Ah-ha, figured it out. Fix coming soon.

This is now fixed. Next time you save or unsave a story, the total should be correct, even after an app refresh.

Thanks Samuel! Everything now working fine after a save and unsave and a hard refresh.

Worked for me. Best thing to happen on my Cinco De Mayo. Muchas Gracias Samuel!!! Newblur es numero uno!!!