Save To Pocket - Stop new Tab from opening

I’m wondering if there is a way to configure Newsblur so that every time I save an article to Pocket while working in the web version, that I don’t get a new tab popping up asking me for Pocket Tags. I would like to just save an article and move on without having to close a new tab every time.

I use IFTTT to integrate both services. Whenever I save an article in Newsblur it’s automatically saved to my Pocket as well. Quick and works pretty well!

Thank You! Excellent solution and I will give it a try.

I’ve been trying to get this feature shipped for a while, and in fact I began work on it last year. It would add keyboard shortcuts and OAuth integration to a number of services, including Pocket and Evernote. Alas I haven’t gotten around to the hard parts of that, but it’s highly prioritized.

Here’s the ticket: