Same double photo, no text, change in feed

About 2 days ago this feed,, started showing the same double photo, 1 small, 1 large and no text in their feed in all the posts. What happened? Screenshots attached too. Thanks!

No fix?

I believe the bottom photo is an enclosure added to the RSS feed. NewsBlur helpfully displays enclosures at the bottom of posts. And if the image url and enclosure url were the same, NewsBlur wouldn’t display them. But because the images actually are different, here they are.

The Text view works however, so you could use that. Although they are also providing a double image there, but at least the rest of the story is there as well.

Oh wow, that’s crazy, it worked perfectly for previously for months, so they just changed something. That really sucks. Thanks for the explanation. I might just have to drop them because it’s incredibly annoying when scrolling through posts. Thanks again!