Sam will be offline until September 3rd

Go to, download backup of your feeds, then re-import. Works for me now. HT @scottIvers

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This is hopefully well known by now, but if not, here is the official update via twitter;…

“Just came back from backpack camping and I hear things aren’t working. I’m in Big Sur, 3 hours from home, and will fix everything shortly.”

You know it figures the whole damn thing craps out the minute he leaves the grid, it’s just absurd fate. He’ll get this fixed quickly, I’m sticking with NewsBlur, it’s the best RSS reader out there. As a temporary fix, if I scroll through each of my 115 sites on NewsBlur individually can see the new feeds, so I’m not totally crapped out. I like supporting this service, no way I’m bailing out.

Download and upload worked for me. Thanks Morris! Yup I think this service is great and won’t be going anywhere.

For me, it’s NewsBlur out and NetNewsWire in. Enough of this BS when you pay for the service. Bye Sam and good luck with your vacation.

I have to feel for you Samuel.

As a fellow developer who supports ~50 folks who work more or less standard business hours and I have another 2nd developer who can back me up I am amazed how you do it!

You have created an amazing product far far superior to Google Reader- which I am glad I didn’t attempt to build (I was thinking about it during the demise of Google Reader and all the talk of of “hive mined”…).

Good to hear you have another group supporting your actual vacation, which of course you know will now go completely smoothly.



Shiloh , did take action ! Who do you think, peed on the power supply of the server ? :stuck_out_tongue:

$12/year doesn’t buy you a SLA.

Agreed. But don’t forget. Ones that pay even 1 cent a year for RSS might be RSS junkies. Hold the word Junkies in mind.

$12 a year doesn’t buy you a 24/7 SLA.

It would figure that things would go nuts the one day you step away. Thanks for the update.

Meh - it’s $12/year - and he gave out lots of free subscriptions in the beginning.

Not the end of the world - and I’ll probably make my $12 back many times over with the productivity increase I’ll get from not trolling the newsfeeds all day.


I totally understand that the dude needs vacation time.

I totally don’t understand that he apparently doesn’t have a contingency plan for a paid service. :confused:


An outage just makes us all appreciate what a good service Newsblur provides.


Hey everybody. Still driving home. I actually only planned a 24 hour vacation. The server went down half an hour after I left. I have a longer vacation planned starting Saturday, and for that I have hired a firm to watch the servers.

I’ll get everything up and running in about two hours when I make it home. I figured the servers could make it without me for 24 hours, but Murphy’s law and all that.

Rest assured that I absolutely have people watching the site at all times. But I figured a slow week and a single day of away time wouldn’t hurt anything. Boy was I wrong.


No one else offers a similar feature set. I’ll still be here when it’s fixed, even if I have to use something else in the meantime.

Sam runs a pretty amazing one-man show. Maybe we need a volunteer program of some kind to help with situations like these.


I was able to resurrect it by downloading all of my feeds into an XML file, then re-uploading back into Newsblur; it now appears to be working normally. I suspect that when the original problem is fixed that I’ll have two of every feed, but it works for the moment.