Safari 15 Open in New Tab (o/v) opens in same window

I believe this was discussed a number of years ago, but I haven’t seen anything recently. In Safari 15 when you press o or v to open a story in a new tab it opens it in the same tab. Interesting that I can do this with some other RSS readers that I have tried.

Is there any news?


Ok, thanks for reporting this. I fixed this but it’s very likely I broke some browser extension’s open in background tab script. Here’s some details: Web: 'v'/'o' no longer open stories in background · Issue #655 · samuelclay/NewsBlur · GitHub

Hope that works and let me know.

Interesting - I use the “stop the madness” extension and it just updated and now o/v is opening in a new tab.

Anyways all is good now. Thanks for the prompt follow-up. Have a great day!