Runescape feed not displaying correctly

Runescape feed not displaying correctly, not sure if its their RSS or the caching here. Its doubling up on most of the news updates every day. news blur link for me is…

Thanks for looking


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It’s their feed. It’s publishing different guids randomly, but the stories are too short to trigger the de-duper that I use to merge stories that are the same but change their guids.

Hey Samuel, this has been bugging me recently and I looked into it and found this. 

It’s still happening but it looks like it may be a different issue. I’m not familiar with the RSS feed structure but I feel it’s a safe assumption that the GUID tag on the items in the feed is the GUID you are talking about?

On this feed the GUID tags are all the post urls on the runescape website which don’t seem like they would change, I can’t be 100% sure but the URLs don’t have any junk in them that they might regenerate. 

Be great if you could have a little look and see if it’s still the same problem.