RSS feeds with question marks in the URL cause issues

The country I live in has a state broadcaster. Similar to how the UK has the BBC, Finland has YLE. They have an RSS feed with news in English that’s here:…

When I add that to NewsBlur, it loads up the content from this feed:

Translation (pardon the pun): Everything after the question mark in that URL gets ignored.

I’ve fixed the issue, however, by simply right clicking on the feed, copy and pasting the correct URL, and then forcing the feed to re-parse. Admittedly, I’m a power user who figured this out simply by poking around.

Maybe this is something you should fix to for future users?

Attached is a screenshot where I manually copy and pasted the correct URL.

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I see that it has 34 subscribers. It’s more likely that my de-duper is working overly aggressively. I fixed it, but about a year ago, and this feed seems like one that is older than a year.