RSS feeds for tags not created correctly

Newsblur used to create individual rss feeds for user created tags, but in recent days I have noticed that this is no longer the case.

My previous tag feeds look like this:

All new tags are created with the same feed address, like this:

(so basically the same, but without the tag on the end)

I’ve tried manually adding the tag, but I just get a 404.

Just checked and RSS feeds for tags are working so I’m curious as to what’s going on here. Mind sending the url to

Hi Sam,

Thanks for replying. Not sure what I can send that will help. These pictures might?

Here’s how a regular tag for a saved story looks to me:

Now here’s two that have just been created from saved stories - both have the same url, and no tag appended on the end:


I’m still having the same problem. Unique feeds for saved tags are not being created. They all have the same URL.

Is there something that I can do to help diagnose this?

This appears to be the same issue raised here: Saved story tag feed URLs don't always have the tag name

EDIT: I have a correctly generated tag feed now. I’ve no idea how, or why, but I have. I’ve just tried to create another one, to test, but same issue as previously. Maybe there is a time delay?

I’m not sure what happened but when I went to check it looks like the tag is being correctly appended. What browser are you using?

Hi Sam,

I’m using Safari on macOS Catalina. I’ve also tried Safari mobile and Edge Beta for desktop. Same on all.

I’ve done a screen recording - if that helps?

Oh it looks like that’s on tag creation. If you reload the page, the Hello tag should work, right?

Sadly not.

The Hello tag still comes up as a url without the tag on the end, and if I manually add the tag to the end of the url it just comes up as 404.


I’ve got five saved tags at the moment but only three of them have fully formed tag urls. The rest just point to a url for all saved stories.

Amazing job documenting this. I finally found the issue and fixed it. I also tested your URLs and they should now work. Thanks so much for your persistence.

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