RSS feed doesn't validate

Site Settngs / RSS FEED ADDRESS when posted into feed validator seems to have stopped validating?

Anyone else got this problem?



There’s not much NewsBlur can do when a feed stops validating. Your best bet is to reach out to the publisher and let them know. Oftentimes they have either stopped publishing a feed or they made a mistake and did not redirect the feed correctly to its new address.

Hi Samuel, thanks for that. The Feed that is not working it’s the one provided by newsblur. For my blur blog. David

Hi Samual,

Any tips for when my blurblog feed out of newsblur doesn’t validate?


Looks good to me:…

Not so good here. Anything I can do to make it validate?

Maybe it is because the source you are using does not validate.
Error on the post "
Resource Management is the Wrong Idea; Manage Your Project Portfolio Instead" and the source feed :…    does not validate (…).


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OK got it.  Now my next challenge is to Unshare that story.  How do I find this story in my blurblog and unshare it?

When I try and search my shared stories nothing comes up for “jrothman”.  Is there another way to find it?

I would just open your blurblog on the web and find the story, click on “Share this story” and then delete it there.