Rotating iPhone/iPad from portrait to landscape when near the end of a list of stories jumps back to a previous story

NewsBlur 4.6.1 on an iPhone 6 and iPad Air, both running iOS 8.1.2:

  • Keep the iPhone/iPad in portrait mode
  • Launch NewsBlur
  • Mark 40 or so stories as saved – we just need to populate the Saved section to demo the problem.
  • Go to Saved stories
  • Scroll to the bottommost story
  • Select said story
  • Rotate the device into landscape mode
    * A different story is now shown.  Specifically, the story 25 before this one in my list of 56 stories on my iPhone 6.

Rotating from landscape to portrait doesn’t have this problem; it’s only when going from portrait to landscape.

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Try this on the latest beta that just shipped last night: Let me know if that fixes it.

Sorry… how would I do that?  Clicking the link and then “Install the NewsBlur App” tries to download a .plist that my Mac doesn’t seem to know how to open.