River of news stops after random amount


Premium account on the DEV site.

I’ve noticed that the river of news (when you click on a folder to see all the stories in it) seems to stop working after a random amount of posts.
Example: I used “all site stories”, there were 205 unread stories. It stopped feeding me new stories after 22. (counter is at 183 now).

The only way to restart the river is by re-clicking on the folder.


I’m experiencing the same problem. Also premium on the dev site. I can occasionally prompt Newsblur to load the next batch of stories by scrolling up and then quickly scrolling back to the end of the river. It would be better if Newsblur automatically loaded the next batch of stories when, say, you were three stories away from the last story displayed.

I also noticed this in the list view on dev. So, I’m opening a folder, not reading anything, but when I reach the bottom of the stories list by scrolling, no new stories get loaded. I actually have to read them to get new stories to appear.

For me, the problem was even occurring in the Feed view.

‘Me too’. After the river of news has stopped, no amount the ‘next story’ and ‘next unread story’ keys do nothing. I can fetch another random number of stories after pressing ‘r’ for ‘reload’. I’ve tested this on various browsers - all have the same result.

This happens on both the main and dev sites.

Even if I leave the ‘river of news’ page sitting for 10 or 30 minutes, no new stories are brought up. A page reload or feed reload (‘r’) is required to se further stories.

I’m assuming this is a server load thing, but yeah - it would be nice to have some kind of visual confirmation that it’s trying and failing to get more stories.

I can get this to happen in feed view pretty consistently when I use the ‘J’ shortcut to mark as read and jump to the next story. If the last story is longer than my viewport, then the river of news won’t load the next batch. I have to scroll down toward the bottom of the last story, and then it notices I’m at the end and refreshes the river of news.

The same thing happens for me. Sometimes it won’t load any more after the initial page load, and sometimes if I scroll at the bottom of the title list, it will fetch more. Typically if that works, it will continue to work for an indeterminate period of time. I always use “j” to scroll through the list.

Not sure if this was supposed to be fixed, but I’ve got a premium account and I’m still experiencing this.