River of News No Longer Working on iOS

I have a free account, and I realize the River of News is a Premium-only feature on the web browser.

However, the River of News has always worked on iOS but a few days ago stopped working. I only get five stories, then the little NewsBlur “sun” logo. Thoughts?


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It was a mistake to allow iOS to function properly for so long. I had always intended to make the river premium-only, but my release schedule for iOS didn’t give me time to make the messaging. The next release will have that messaging, but I was making some other fixes so I rolled out the API changes last week.

ah, okay. thanks for the reply! cool to get a direct response from the developer.

Hey Samuel, thanks for this, good update.

I’d like to point this out:

And note that because of this error, newsblur is being removed from my life.

Do people really think these douchey mic-drops are gonna make samuel say, oh shit, i guess i better make everything free?