Right-click on title to get link

I often want to copy the link to a feed item and it’d be great if there were a slightly faster/easier way to do it. Right now if you right-click on an item title, you get a popup menu with a number of options (open, save, email, share, intelligence trainer). The “open” option includes a selectable text field with the URL, which can be copied, so that’s already most of the way there, but it would be great if there were a standalone “copy link” option as well (or instead - we can always middle-click or ctrl-click on the title to directly open the link).

I understand that adding options makes the UI more complex but I think this use-case comes up frequently enough to justify the change.

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So you want a copy link button next to the selected text? It’s not used very often, and I want to keep that context menu clean, so a number of other people would have to chime in for me to consider adding another button.

Right, that’s the idea. But if most people don’t do this (or want to) I agree that it probably doesn’t make sense to change it.