"Rewind" button for marking last 10 posts unread

Kind of like a “rewind 15 seconds” button on a video player - I’d like a “mark last 10 posts of this feed” unread - whatever feed (or feeds) you are seeing in the feed view.

Reason is: Suppose you have opened a bunch of articles “in new tab” in order to read them later, see the comments, whatever. And then your POS browser hangs and you have to kill it and restart it - without all those open tabs. It would be nice to go back to your feed view and say “rewind 15 seconds”.


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That seems like a bit of an edge case to address with such a complicated feature, I’m sorry to say.

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OK … though whether or not it is an “edge case” depends, I suppose, on your (that is, my) choice of browser …

you might be able to accomplish the same goal with some “recently read” view, which would have a list of the last X things you read in it

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I like the idea of a “recently read” list.

I often accidentally mark stuff as read just because my mouse is traversing the window. Normally that doesn’t matter as I read it anyway, but on more than a few occasions I’ve accidentally marked stuff while closing the tab / window.

Would only need the last few posts read and only need to keep them for a couple of hours, if that makes it easier to make.

Yes, recently read is a great idea. I haven’t built it yet because it’s a bit of new feature work that I don’t have time for, but it’s on a short list.

This is a lovely idea … to mark the last N posts unread. I wish I had a dollar for every time that I “lost” the most recently read post and simply wanted to go back even 1 post.

I can’t imagine I am the only one who hides all read posts and all feeds with no unread items and then inadvertently refreshes the page or clicks “All Site Stories” and than says "#$%$%%^! I need to go back one story, but it’s simply gone.

Sure, you can do it. First you have to change the feed list to show all. The you have to find the feed. Then you have to change the feed to show all. Then you have to find the story you are after and save it or mail it or whatever. They you have to put all your feed and feed list settings BACK to how you want them. That’s really, really irritating when all I wanted to do was back the list up by 1 unread item.

Recently read also solves that problem. If that is simpler, then do it that way, but please do it. Thanks.

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