Resume scrolling river of news on iOS?

Scrolling the river of news on iOS, especially if I have a spotty connection, ultimately results in reaching “the end” where newsblur displays a little icon in the footer. If I click back out of say Global Shared, then back in, the river of news will populate again and I can scroll down past where previously newsblur “ended”

This also happens if I switched out of the app for awhile, switch back in later in the day, I can only scroll down as far as newsblur had previously loaded or something, ~20 stories, then I reach “the end” again and have to click out->back in to get the river of news going again.

Is there a way to keep the river from ever stopping? maybe clicking that footer logo that is displayed at the end of the scroll can pick up where it left off and start showing stories again without a click out/click in?