Resize column not working

I can remember this used to work. But now I can’t resize the columns in newsblur in any browser I have.


For me, it works fine in current versions of Safari and Firefox on OS X but it is hard to trigger the split adjustment (and corresponding ← cursor) in Chrome.  I can get it to work in Chrome if I’m very careful about moving the cursor pixel by pixel towards the split bar, sometimes requiring multiple attempts, but this seems harder than necessary.  This might be a browser versus NewsBlur bug.

(In future it is helpful if you mention which browser and platform you are using, and make sure you test with extensions disabled to make sure none of them are interfering).

Ok I have tested with chrome49, Firefox 48, IE11 and Opera36 with my own newsblur profile and with safebrowsing try newsblur.(also with extensions on and off)
With my own profile it never works. I have cleared newsblur cookies from all my browsers. With safebrowsing and try newsblur I can change the split column in Chrome, Opera and IE but not in Firefox. The feed column works in safebrowsing try newsblur IE but not in the other browsers.

My mouse has a dpi switch which I can set to really slow to go pixel perfect.

With profile I mean: when I log in with my newsblur account vs just trying newsblur without an account.

It is still not working. Whenever I am logged in with my newsblur account I can’t resize the columns. (in chrome,firefox,opera,vivaldi,ie11)

it suddenly started working today.