Request: Manage sites screen

I want to reorganize my feeds. However, with 80-100 (I don’t actually know how many because there’s apparently no place to see this anymore?) feeds to have to go through, this seems like rather a lot of effort to do.

If I could have all the sites on one screen and choose new folders for them, or if I could drag and drop them within their current frame, that’d be really helpful! Because at this rate, there is just no way that I will ever reorganize - it would take too long.

Related:… - this makes current attempts at reorganization an arduous task indeed.

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Yeah, this is a nice idea. It’s a lot of work for little payoff, though. I’m only one person, and it’s not an task often done by enough people. I’d love to do it, but it’s not likely, since few users are at the level of having to perform mass-movement operations regularly enough.