Request: Keyboard shortcut for Mark Feed as Read

The mouse-click I use most often in NewsBlur is to right click on a feed > Mark as Read.

It would be handy if there was a keyboard shortcut that does that, rather than having to use the mouse.



You tried Shift+A, right?

The documentation says that marks all items as read, so no, I haven’t tried it on one feed, for fear of unintentionally clearing my article list. Does it work on feeds individually?

Huh. So it does. Might I suggest a string change on the keyboard help page? Instead of Shift-A being labeled “Mark All as Read”, it instead be labeled “Mark Feed as Read” so it’s clearer what’s going on?

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It can be used for everything, or a particular folder, or just one feed. It applies to whatever you have selected. (ie, whatever you’re currently scrolling through)