Request for a catalog or directory of feeds to follow


I could be overlooking something, but beyond looking at globally shared stories, or the small section with some recommendations on the main page on the desktop site, there is no way to discover new feeds to follow.

I’m thinking something like Feedly where there’s categories, and then a list of feeds to follow.

With Newsblur I feel like it’s up to me to find feeds to bring back to it to add. And while that’s nice because it keeps me from creating an overload of feeds. I do wish there was more of a discovery element within Newsblur.

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I like this idea. Maybe an opt-in feature where users can share their favorite feeds?


Yes! A submission element, or even if there was an automated list using the data about feed urls and how many subscribers it has just as a simple way for a new or existing

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a catalog would help in reducing duplication, too


I really, really want to build something like this, at least for myself since sometimes I want more good feeds to follow that are similar to the ones I read regularly.

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