Report Story Length

When reading an article on a website, or when reading a story in NewsBlur’s Story view, I often glance at the size of my scrollbar to get an idea about the article’s length. (Obviously this is not always accurate, as an article may have fifty billion comments listed below it.) In NewsBlur’s Feed view, I can’t use the scrollbar to estimate the length of the current story, since the Feed view is listing multiple stories.

It would be neat if the Feed view could report how much of the current story I have read. You know how Vim shows what percentage of the whole file the current screen is, down in the bottom right hand corner? Something like that would be cool. Report the percentage of the story that I have currently scrolled through.


This is an interesting idea. Not sure how to show that, as well as if it would be obnoxious if you didn’t care. So only show the remaining length (perhaps as a HUD) if the next story is not visible. I could easily calculate this. But that would be a hard HUD to design without it becoming annoying. Hmm.

I’m thinking some sort of faded, barely visible thing. Like the unread count on the story taskbar.