Renewal reports as successful but payment failed

The card used for my subscription renewal was replaced since my last renewal and I hadn’t updated my card details. Today is my renewal day and Stripe sent me a message to tell me the payment had failed as you would expect:

“We were unable to charge your card ending in XXXX for your NewsBlur, Inc. subscription. Please update your billing information.”

However, when I log into my account, it is reporting as being in good standing for another 12 months:

“Your premium account is paid until:
» Sunday, June 20, 2021”

I think this happened last year too, but I was too busy with life to report it (sorry) and I just updated the card. Happy to do the same again, but wanted to raise this in case it was a true bug and you were unaware.

Thanks for reporting this! What’s your username, I’d love to take a look.

Hey Sam, username is xhale

(turns out I created a forum account with that username ages ago but then promptly forgot I’d done it!)