Renewal Bug date not updating

So my premium renewal went though. The charge is on the credit card. Yet when I login to news blur it has failed to update the renewal date to reflect the 2023 date. The app on my phone still show me as being premium even though it also has failed to update to show a 2023 renewal date.

@Snorlax Are you using an Android or iOS device to check renewal date?

Noticed it first on the website. And than double checked it on my Iphone. Have a screen shot from the website if you want me to post it. Renewal is being done from the News blur website. It is not being done from my Iphone.

And this just showed up in my email box.

Hey Sleepylizard, your premium account is about to expire…

Your premium account was set to expire today, but you’ve been given a free month grace period, so you can continue using your premium account to try out NewsBlur.

You’ve recently been on NewsBlur, so maybe you didn’t mean to transition back to the free account? Maybe you just need to renew your premium account. Let’s help you do that.

Renew now: NewsBlur

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Is this for the snorlax account? I upgraded it but I couldn’t find any payments. I think next year you’ll have to resubscribe when you get the 1 month grace period email, but that should take care of it. If you reply to your payment receipt, I can hook it up to your account.

No it’s not for Snorlax. It’s for Sleepylizard. I have a different username for the forums than I do for news blur. . I can email you proof of payment. Do you want me to use the email listed on your PayPal account? If you applied it to Snorlax to you applied to the wrong account.

It was done through PayPal. I did get a receipt from Pay Pal and I can see the charge on my Credit card. but I never got a receipt from News Blur. At least not one that I could find…

Sorry for all the edits. Having a blond day.

Thanks for all the help.