Rendering broken on Android app


okay, i’ve joined the android system webview beta, we’ll see when it offers me an update


I think it’s uninstalling all the updates that fixes Newsblur, not using Chrome Beta.

You can’t uninstall Chrome…


I think you are right.

I tried removing Chrome Beta and Newsblur still worked, but as soon as I re-enabled regular Chrome the rendering died again. I then disabled regular Chrome again and the rendering was fixed.

Chrome Beta is good temporary work around though.


android system webview 75.0.3770.16 from the beta program does not fix it.

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Chrome Beta isn’t fixing things- what is happening is you “uninstalled” Chrome, which took chrome back to the baseline (eg before any updates). That’s what @tuck was saying.

So… there’s no fix/workaround here other than a bad one, going to an ancient version of Chrome.


Apologies if I phrased it in a way to say beta fixed it. I was trying to say that uninstalling all chrome updates fixes it and then using Chrome Beta doesn’t break it, but allows you to use a version of chrome rather than switch to a different browser.


That’s a good point, may certainly be an improvement…


Good news, I’ve just hired a new Android developer and he begins tomorrow working on the API updates necessary to get this fixed. I hope the update will be out within the week.


Ok, we have a new fix for the time being. Caleb, our new Android developer, discovered that the new upcoming OS-wide dark mode is causing the issue.

In Chrome, go to chrome://flags and set the flag #enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode to Disabled . Then you’ll need to kill/restart the NewsBlur app in order to reload it.

We’ll have an official release as soon as possible, stay tuned!

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Good work Caleb!

I don’t suppose there is any way for those of us without Chrome (and thus are using Android System WebView) to address this? I guess I could install (re-enable) Chrome for the time being and let the system use its rendering engine.

UPDATE: I tried this, but it unfortunately didn’t work: re-enabled Chrome, updated to the latest version, then set the flag to Disabled. Killed and restarted both Chrome and NewsBlur, but the rendering was broken. So, I disabled Chrome again and – so long as I don’t update to the latest Android System WebView – all is well again with the NewsBlur rendering. (If it matters, this is on a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Oreo.)

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I tried this on my Android/Samsung tablet and after changing the Chrome flag the ‘theme’ setting does not open in Newsblur. I restarted the tablet after forcing a stop on the Newsblur app. Theme setting doesn’t open whether that Chrome flag is set for default, enabled or disabled. Weird.


This worked on a Moto G7 running Pie, but did not work on a Pixel 3 running Q Beta 3 which isn’t entirely surprising.


Thanks. The chrome://flags trick worked for me on Note 9 Pie.


I have disabled the Chrome flag and it worked initially. Lately it stopped working (despite flag) and I need to kill Newsblur several times for it to display text correctly…


The flag does not work for me either. Desactived the standard Chrome app and disabled the flag in the Chrome beta. No change.


Over two months now, and still no resolution. This is beyond maddening.


12 days ago the ETA was “within the week”. Any update?

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I pushed on our new Android developer to get a resolution. It’s going to take some more work I’m afraid. You can follow the ticket to watch it happen in real-time, for what it’s worth:

In fact, I just noticed that Caleb asked me to release a build 2 hours ago. So I’ll get on that now and try to push it out to the beta channel.

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webview beta 75.0.3770.40 came out today but does not fix it.

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what/where is the invite to the beta channel, Mr. Clay?