Rendering broken on Android app


what/where is the invite to the beta channel, Mr. Clay?


there’s a join beta button in google play on the listing for the app.


doh! my bad.


Ok, this is finally nearing completion. We should have a beta out tomorrow, based on how things are looking.


Unfortunately the fix didn’t work. We’re going to keep iterating on this and I’ll post as soon as we have something. Stay tuned.

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Looks like our bug is getting attention from Google’s Chromium team, so that’s good news!


Just pushed out a new beta (v9.0b2) which fixes this issue. Please let me know if it works for you and then I’ll release to production a day or two later.

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installed, seems to load stories very quickly, and ‘light’ mode appears correct in my spotchecking. I’ll report back within 24hrs if I see any problems.


success using the new newsblur beta with webview 75.0.3770.51 on my old android 5.1.1


The new beta looks good with light theme.


Fixed. Updated Chrome, installed new Newsblur.


Thank you all for your work fixing this!


Yeah this is a pretty far reaching build and is not limited to just the background color. If stories continue to load and it feels snappier, then I’ll push it out to prod tomorrow!

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Looks good, Zero issues so far.


Just pushed the build out to production. I’ll give it a day and write up a blog post.


looks good here so far! thanks!


Dark mode is gone and the weird text overlap thing that sometimes happened on sites with images seems to be fixed as well.

Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!!

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Thank you for fixing this. Looks good. However, one problem I have been having since this android update is many of my feeds are now not appearing. Any one else having this issue?


I would start a new thread with specifics if that’s the problem as this thread is just about the black background in the light theme.


Awesome, thank you :heart_eyes:

I assume the fix is in the 9.0 release? It would be helpful for blog posts etc to mention the version number so it’s easy to figure out if you have the right version.