Rendering broken on Android app


Overnight, rendering of stories in the Android app broke for every feed. There is a black background with most text also black and thus unreadable. Most of the text is also overlapping, and some images overlap each other as well.

This happened after a Chrome update was installed. I don’t know if Newsblur on Android uses Chrome, but since Newsblur itself didn’t update, it’s the only lead I have.

I’ve attached a screenshot below. This is basically what every story looks like.


Can you use the “Eend app feedback -> Email a bug report” option from the main menu in the app to send us a report? Might help us figure out what is up.


I see the same behavior too. If you switch to Dark or Black theme you can at least read most of it


same here.
have sent bug report as well


So I’m going on a week long vacation starting tomorrow, so I won’t be able to fix this in the next week. But thank goodness dark mode still works and will fix it for the time being.


Well, I can’t use any other theme - my eyes are literally bleeding… :(((


As a temporary fix - on some devices, it may be possible to go into the Google Play store and uninstall the update to the Google Chrome WebView “app” that recently updated.


Can confirm rolling back the Chrome update makes NewsBlur rendering work again.


How do you roll back the Chrome update?


settings - apps - android system webview - uninstall updates

this drops it back to the version that came with the last major OS update for the phone, not the last individual update through google play. that may be farther back than you want to go, on an older phone.


Had the same issue for the last several days, finally came to the forums and glad I found this.

I uninstalled Google Chrome from the play store as mentioned above, which resolved the issue.


Android 9 here. Android system webview is disabled. So far as I understand Chrome has replaced it from Android 7 onward. I have uninstalled Chrome updates and that solved the issue. Cannot completely uninstall Chrome since it’s part of the OS (Android One).


I strongly recommend that you do not roll back Chrome updates, since those updates typically include security fixes that will leave your device vulnerable if you uninstall the updates.

The better approach until Samuel can get this fixed is to use the dark mode. That way you still have functionality in the app but also have full security via the Chrome updates.


Dark mode it is… not so good for my eyes :expressionless:


Forced to dark mode too. Please fix this.