Renaming a folder renames all subordinate folders too

Say I have a folder structure:

  • Foo/
  • Subfolder 1/
  • Subfolder 2/

If I rename Foo -> Bar, I end up with:

  • Bar/
  • Bar/
  • Bar/

Sorry, my indentation didn’t show up when I posted the above. In each of the two examples, the two folders under the first ‘+’ should be subordinate to it.

I can verify this. Any and all children (either direct children or sub-sub-sub folders) get renamed together with the parent.

|+ Sub1   
|+ Sub2   
||+ Subsub1   
|+ Sub3 ```   
Renaming _Folder_ renames everything (including _Subsub1_), renaming _Sub2_ renames both _Sub2_ and _Subsub1_.

Addition to this bug: this happens client-side only.
If you rename a folder and do a strong refresh from the server only the folder you have renamed sticks to the new name and all children are reverted to their original names.

Oh, phew. OK, I’ll get right on this. The server side is heavily tested, since it cannot fail by any means. However, the client-side is a bit more forgiving. But it’s a critical bug nonetheless.

Bone-headed code bug. Fixed in a minute. Deployed.

Thanks for the thorough bug report. These make my day. :slight_smile:

Also, see here for the gory details:…