Rename Tags

I’d like to see the ability to rename tags, the saved story tags.


Yep, this is planned, although it doesn’t seem to be as popular as I thought it would be, since it took nearly a month for this topic to come up.

When will the feature be available?

Soon as enough people ask for it. It’s got one vote right now, so it’s not highly prioritized.

+1 it gets my vote, was totally expecting that in the “Tag settings” dialog

In two years has anybody else needed to rename a tag? It’s not a trivial change because I cut some corners on the implementation. This is also why you cannot nest tag names, since the longer tags will show up in the shorter tag lists. “blogs-people” shows up when you are in the “blogs” tag.

Renaming and ability to merge tags would be great. For example I have somehow accumulated tags from ember, ember.js, Ember, Ember.js would be good to be able to merge these into the one tagname

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