Remove urchin tokens from URLs

Much like Pinboard, please add the feature of stripping utm_campaign & etc query args from URLs that Pinboard opens. They make copy/pasting URLs harder and I dislike them on principle


I don’t agree with Maciej’s action on that. I am very careful about changing a publisher’s content. I only strip out unsafe elements but generally I leave it as they intended it. It’s part of the reason that the Original view exists at all. It’s the publisher’s intent and I do not want to start an arms race. Ad blockers are the same way.

If a publisher chooses to use link trackers then that’s part of their package. I don’t think it’s a good thing that they track us the way they do, but it’s their business model and I’m not going to get in the habit of blocking or censoring things.


Depending on your browser, you can use extensions to remove the tokens from the URLs automatically.
Links to Firefox and Chrome options:…

I also hate these things but it extends well beyond NewsBlur.