remove or group similar artices

i still looking the way to remove or group the similar articles from rss sources
it easy work out just loop over last articles ( may be 200) from all rss ( or selected ) in the acc, then use some function like similar_text ( php ) like ( mysql ) to give % similar artices which have hight percent ( 80, or can select ) then remove the new ones or just group it

that help alot for people dont need reading all posts , and they can find similar topic in many rss website related news.

eg: title 1: remove or group similar artices
title 2: delete or group similar artices
title 3: how to remove or group similar artices

from 3 rss sources
those need to be together or remove new ones. we need only one to read

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Yup, this is a huge feature that will take a while to build. If this is tenable in the future, I would love to get this built.

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This is a great idea. And can be a very sweet addition to the folder view :wink:

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