Reload feeds on focus change

I use the “focus” feature to keep up with a very small set of my feeds that are time sensitive. When there’s green boxes I hit + and read them first, then hit - to go back to the rest of my items.

Except really, I have to hit “+, r” to load the focus items, because (it seems?) the filter is purely client side, and too many non-focus items are loaded for the focus ones to appear properly. Then switching back I have to hit “r, (wait) -” or otherwise I appear at a random place in my feed, and accidentally mark tons of items read.

(Back in Google Reader, I used a folder for this (everything else unsorted). There, folders displayed at the top. In newsblur I tried this, but folders display beneath unsorted feeds, i.e. usually off the bottom of my screen and I miss them. But switching to a folder/everything has the behavior I want.)

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Actually, reword: Make it completely server-side. I just ran into again the other quirk to this issue I forgot to detail above:

Change to focus mode, which seems currently client-side. I have 6 items across 3 feeds in focus. I read five of them, then I’m stuck. The sixth isn’t loaded at all; I assume there are a bunch of non-focus unread items being hidden client side, causing the still unread focused item to not be loaded.

So there’s no need to reload the feed after switching to focus mode, since the view should fill out and load stories. Is that not happening? Which browser/OS are you using? Which view (Full, split, list)?

Firefox on Linux and Windows. Full view.

When I need to reload to switch to focus, it’s even more obviously a bug. It’s rare, but the colored header with the name of the feed of the current item ends up squished in the corner. That one’s been a while, it might be fixed.

Another quirk to this bug: (very) rarely, there will be more unread focus items, but pressing J will not display them. R then J will. I saw this yesterday when there was an unusually large (~33) number of unread focus items. (Among ~200 other non-focus unread items.)

Happened again today, here’s some images to help demonstrate:,CGEj1Ur,ydkCuNh

I’m browsing my feeds. I’ve already checked focus items today, but not much else. A new focus item shows up. I press = and switch to focus view. Which is blank (aside from the feed header for what used to be the topmost visible item). I press r and I get the focus item visible now.

I actually saw this happen once, and then reloaded the page to reproduce for the screenshots.

Only happens when an item is active/read (what’s that really called?) at the top of the current screen. If I reload the page and don’t press j, rather = immediately, then the focus item _does_ appear, after a flashy blue loading bar.

If I press: - (to unread), Ctrl-R, =, -, j, = then I get the one focus item, but it’s scrolled to the absolute bottom rather than the top.

Ohhh, ok, this is actually related to another bug where you get cutoff while reading by folder. I just fixed that one server side and it should now work.