Refresh when in "river of blurblogs"

Hitting “r” to refresh my blurblog stream (helpful if I’ve read everything in the first load, but have more unread items, and am in focus mode) skips me to the everything view. I would expect the behavior to be that whatever view your are currently on refreshes.


Oh, that’s just what the r key does. Do you want it to reload the site you’re on?

I think this might have been a bug related to the zombie unread items in blurblogs, as I’m not seeing it now.

Better yet, I rewrote the ‘r’ key and it now refreshes the current feed/folder/view.


Woo hoo!! This makes me uber happy!

Great, but can this apply to the River of News view, as well? Since this rewrite (I believe), pressing r while in the Everything view does nothing (so far as I can tell).

Just fixed. Sorry about that!

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Awesome! You rock, as ever.