Refresh all stories

I’m using Newsblur daily and quite a lot.
Each time I first go the main screen, wait the app to refresh the feeds, and reading them through “All Stories” (I’ve configured “auto-open first story”).
What I’m missing, is that the app would continue to refresh the feeds when I’m going through them.
Instead, it just shows the ones it downloaded, and then the ones of the previous refresh (typically of the previous day), not the ones in between.
So I need to go back to the main screen (or story list) and refresh them again.
Yes, I’ve selected “Download Stories” and “using any network”.
Thanks for considering this enhancement.

Moreover there’s a small bug which happens frequently:
I typically leave the app on the last read article.
When I get back to the app a couple of hours later, it typically shows “Loading…”, but even after a minute it doesn’t show the last read article. Why does it need to reload it anyway?

Thanks for reading this and for making this (otherwise) great app.
Kind regards