Reddit not appearing in story view - Not a mixed content issue

All my reddit feeds are failing to display in story view. I’ve enabled mixed content, so that’s not the issue. I’ve reproduced on Firefox/Ubuntu 13.10 and Chrome/Mac 10.8/Win 7


What’s the site url when you open the feed?…
Is the one for an individual subreddit, and
is the one for my reddit folder. Neither one will display items from

Any status on this? I’m still not able to view Reddit feeds in story mode.

I’m on vacation until next week. My advice is to ping this thread next Monday or Tuesday when I get back.

Bumping per request. Issue is still occurring across all browsers/platforms.

I am being prompted re:mixed content by the browser upon opening any particular story in story view, but after allowing it, the story still does not appear.

I’ve found the problem. Tested in IE9, got a warning that Reddit is not allowing their site to be displayed in frames. Thus, this is not a newsblur issue, it is a reddit issue. If you can find a way to bypass this restriction, that would be awesome, but I doubt it is possible. I will see if I can follow up with reddit.

Reddit has disabled framing globally and does not plan to restore it. They recommend using CORS (…). I don’t know if this is something that can be implemented in Newsblur, or where to find the information needed to do so.

Thanks for your help Samuel.

Just wanted to bump this, as I like to consume reddit through newsblur. If CORS could be implemented I would appreciate it greatly.

They would need to enable CORS, not me. If they enabled CORS headers, then I could embed them.

They have,…

Oh, that’s an API, not the Story view. They are specifically disabling embedding of Reddit. You would need a browser extension to override it, but it’s not something you could expect of an rss reader. The Original view continues to work because it’s a proxy, but it’s very expensive to keep (and couldn’t be done on a per-story basis for that reason), and possibly against their terms of use. If they were to ask to remove the view, I would comply as I have with a few other publishers. This is effectively what they’ve done with the Story view.

Well that sucks. I liked using reddit through Newsblur. It’s not as good in feed view.

Thanks for your help Samuel.